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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity

I'm not going to reply to any more posts here unless, number one, someone specifically needs to know the Sabian Symbol because they have not way of finding it out for themselves or can't get an idea of how it may apply to this particular Astrological Part and number two, give more than a vague idea, or generalization, of in what degree of the Zodiac this Part is found in their natal chart.
I am sorry, but a reply such as, "I am Cancer 3", does not meet that criteria.

For those of you unsure of the exact time of your birth, it is for the best that you don't apply Sabian Symbols to Astrological Parts from your natal chart.

I had to study my natal chart and produce a great quantity of Parts with the corresponding Sabian Symbol until I realized my own recorded birth time of 7:41 pm was at least twenty seconds later than my actual birth time. That rectification was only accomplished by the amassing of so great a number of Parts derived from my chart that I could then discern which of those that were close to the cusp of either the beginning, or the end, of a degree that seemed to be inapplicable to what I know of myself that pertains to the subject of the Sabian Symbol, as applied to the precept of said Part. I notice a few near the cusp at the beginning of the degrees they were in that were fitting to the Sabian symbol of the previous degree and rectified the time accordingly. I found that to be the case as to only those near the beginning of a degree. Once I came to a point in the span of the degree of the Part that was later in the degree that fit that Sabian Symbol for that degree and not the previous one I had my "cut off point".
That is how I know, and why I state, that the Sabian Symbols are the ultimate tool for chart rectification.

But, the hospital, I was born in, didn't record birth times to the absolute second and none presently do that I know of. Thus I know I can't expect people to know the time to the precise second and I realize that even hospitals, or attending physicians and mid-wives, might record a time that is off. I can work with a time that is within a couple, maybe a little more, minutes off from the precise time. If the Part comes near to, or in the middle, of the degree found it most likely surely is in that degree. If it comes close, or somewhat closer, to either end of the degree, i.e. the "cusp", then it might go either way and I will address that.

A reply of "I am Cancer 3", to me, can either mean that, you know what you are doing, or that it is 3 degrees and some minutes and, or seconds, of a degree in addition to 3* Cancer, which is in fact the 4th degree of Cancer.
At 62 years of age my time left on this earth has become too short for me to waste any of it by taking guesses and writing replies that don't apply

Try to observe and honor the method of proper Astrological nomenclature people. If Astrology is ever to be recognized as a legitimate science then we must conduct ourselves as like scientists.

Any future threads on Astrological Parts that I initiate will have this disclaimer at the heading of the first post

Thank you, ptv
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