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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity

Originally Posted by CapAquaPis View Post
I thought I did: 7' or 8' Taurus. I also tried to figure out the middle points between 26' Aquarius (my Sun) and 17' Cancer (my Ascendant). Doing easy math, it came out as 8' Taurus! On the opposite is 8' Scorpio, the degree associated with procreation, conception, pregnancy and childbirth in astrology. To connect my gender identity or a past life (as a woman), perhaps this is my hidden identity from what others knew me in this life.
7 or 8 isn't being specific and your using the notation for minutes of a degree by using the single apostrophe... thus I really can't do anything with it as I have nothing specific to proceed from.
By the standard (QWERTY) typewriter keyboard:

* is for degrees

' is for minutes of a degree

" is for seconds of a degree

You have to post the degree and at least the minutes, the seconds of the degree aren't too important,,except in a few rare instances...such as it's possible to have a Part, for example, at 00* Taurus 00' 03"
(and that is in the 1st degree of Taurus, by the way)

The Sabian Symbols are very different from one degree to the next and yet they produce a perfect path, one by one, From Virgo 30* Clockwise or from Aries 01* counterclockwise. One path that extricates a soul from the material realm the other path enmeshes a soul more anchored into it.
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