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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity

As CapAquaPis hasn't replied yet to clarify which degree specifically she is referring to as being Her Part of Hidden Identity (at least I think this member is female, for some reason or other. I think we've had some correspondence back and forth on a few threads in this forum...I'm terrible at remembering a lot of things like that... and if I'm in error I apologize) ....sigh... I was about to write that; 'I'm going to assume it to be the 8th degree of Taurus', but rereading the exact text...

"...the answer I received was 38 (8' Taurus?) - Taurus 07-..."

I was assuming the "38" is referring to the 38th degree from the beginning of Aries, which would be the 8th degree of Taurus but as C.A.P. then wrote 8' Taurus? followed by 07, I now wonder if C.A.P. didn't mean 08* Taurus 07', otherwise why the "0" before the "7"? ...and why not a "0" before the "8" as well?

Well, instead, what I will write here is what I wrote Phoenix Venus once about Her Part of Hidden Identity in the 7th of Taurus... it is a degree and Sabian Symbol that has shown up in a few other charts she is connected to... I seem to recall that it may be a composite Part of ours that also shares that Sign and degree and, or, a composite Part she shares with the chart I have been submitting for evaluation and approval as being that of Yeshu'a/Jesus of Nazareth that is cast for the date that, the renowned 20th century American clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, gave for the man from Nazareths' birth date.

I know it that I should have all that, if not entirely in memory, at least in an accessible notebook on hand... (if you could only see the mess that my study is...oy!) the thing of it is, we are both so convinced as to being meant to be in teamwork on this endeavor that I really have no need for such data to remind myself as if I needed to yet be convinced.
I am in the forum this evening, having come tonight, to write of this very "synastry" through a thread, I'm about to initiate, on the Part of Hyleg.

I mentioned some of this matter in a thread I initiated, last December in the Mundane sub-forum, that is titled "USA New Moon Dec. 21, 2014 Winter Solstice & Sun Rites" in the first post I made and what I'm about to add to that of recent discovery I find to be just about completely mind blowing... mind staggering, anyways... Phoenix Venus spotted it first and I know was possibly more stunned than my self... as at least I've had a few such type "synastrical connections" pop up between myself and someone that has been instrumental in advancing my understanding or contributing to the work in some greatly significant way over the last 18 or so years...

If it means anything to anyone, I've been told by a couple of very reputable clairvoyants, independent and unknown to one another, that I was alive in a previous lifetime, at the same time and place as the Man from Nazareth and that I knew him rather well. I have little reason to doubt it anymore... I think Phoenix Venus knew Him as well... she may have even been that woman at the well that was from Sumeria.

Phoenix V. has never said anything as to the like nor will she say anything more than "Who knows?" or "anything might be a possibility". Having gotten to know the woman I identify as Miss X whose own natal chart gave the clues I needed to produce that chart I did, ...that I propose is the natal chart of the "Prince of Peace"..., and seen what her own natal chart does in synastry and composite and that one of those aforementioned clairvoyants asserts that Miss X knew Jesus/Yeshu'a rather well as she was one of the two "nannies" that He had.... given all that for experience to date, I'd wager Phoenix V was also there in those times and in the right place (and Edgar Cayce said there were two "nannies" and one was reincarnate and went to Edgar for a reading in the early twentieth century. It is documented in the readings on file and available to the public at the A.R.E.)

Here's what Dane Rudhyar wrote about the 7th degree of Taurus in his book; "An Astrological Mandala".


The meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future.

The symbol refers to a most important, but usually narrowly interpreted (or interpreted away!) episode of the Christ mythos. Early in his ministry, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at an ancestral well. This woman belongs to a tribe despised by the Jews; moreover, she is unmarried and therefore on the fringe of even her own society. It is to just that kind of woman that Jesus reveals that he is the Messiah: 'I am He', a revelation that he apparently will not bestow even upon his disciples, at least not in words. (Words in occultism are the creative factor.)
What does this mean? Jesus, as the Avatar incorporating the Christ-Impulse, came to replace the old tribal order with a new order based on universal Love. It is not to representatives of, or even to men still attached to, the old order that Jesus could reveal his spiritual, evolutionary and society-transforming status; they had instead to reach a point where they could discover his avatar-ship - as did Peter just before the Transfiguration scene. But to the woman of Samaria - who, in her openness to love's urgings, had already repudiated any narrow subservience to the old order - Jesus could reveal his function. The highest meets the lowest when this lowest is free from traditional bonds and open to love. The creative future descends first to that which has become chaos. An old order is never open to a new Revelation until it has accepted disorder in the name of that Power which subsumes all forms of order, i.e. Love.

In this second stage of the five-fold sequence, a contrasting element enters upon the scene. It is no longer a collective-cultural effort based on past knowledge — as in the preceding symbol — but a 'meeting' that introduces into the collective situation a totally new factor which transcends it.
A NEW QUALITY OF BEING is revealed which renders the old patterns obsolete."

What I wrote Phoenix Venus awhile back (and she gave me permission to share anything I wish pertaining to this upcoming thread I'm to initiate of the Part of Hyleg, and this thread is going to be a bit of a prelude, or at least it has become now...)

...copied and pasted as follows... >>>

"...what that Hidden Identity is, just like the woman of Sumeria, you can see 'Yeshu'a' for what He really that natal chart of His. While others are hemming and hawing, some can't see any connection, some are possibly in denial, but I don't think they {those in denial. ptv} are good enough to see it all.. but You can see it straight away. You look it over and say "Oh, yeah, that's Jesus for sure and there ain't no doubt." The Chart revealed it self to you just like Yeshu'a revealed his true self to the woman of Sumeria at the well. I don't know if your destiny for Oration is to be that of, possibly, the greatest Sabian Symbologist Astrologer of your generation or that of a Preacher, or Reformer, that is also a Maestro of applying Sabian Symbols to Astrological Knowledge and Technique ..maybe both?"

I know that sounds maybe a bit premature for a prediction, maybe somewhat "over the top", and I mean no dis-respect to astrologer Lynda Hill, whom is considered to be the "Worlds' living authority on the Sabian Symbols" and is quite deserving of the title, but Lynda and I were born the same year, 1953, and Phoenix V. isn't yet even half our age, and should be around a good number of years after Lynda and I have been long since departed... and Phoenix V. has already shown intelligence and insight in understanding and using the Sabian Symbols and has, what I call, "mad skills" at applying them to Astrological Parts in pursuit of clarifying, even rectifying, the titles and descriptions of some of the more obscure and little known of, and known about, Parts... and at such a young age... and I have yet to meet anyone else that even comes close to, much less exceeds, her talent at it.

If I'm right, then this "Identity" was "hidden" from her until rather recently, we only "connected" in April/May of 2013... she had never worked with the Sabian Symbols prior to our meeting...not that I'm aware of, anyhow. ...and that can be verified by reading through some of the threads she contributed to around that time in the Degree Symbolism sub forum.
She has, to date, definitely been demonstrating herself to be quite proficient at oration on the subject.

It's 3 am here and now a bit late to begin with the initiation of the planned thread on the Part of Hyleg... stay in touch with this sub forum on Astrological Parts. I hope to, I should, have it going before the week is out.

You Are A Divine Creation Of The Universe

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