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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity

Originally Posted by CapAquaPis View Post
My AC node or rising point is 17' Cancer, which is in the range of 16' Cancer of a "burning mandala". I have yet to figure out my hidden identity on the natal chart, and I will return to this thread tomorrow (it's getting late). My birthdate falls on a New Moon (Feb. 15, 1980) which means the Sun-Moon conjunction plays a strong role with the AC node in the sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon.

EDIT: I added the ascendant (108 degrees) with Saturn (176 or 26' Virgo) and subtracted the Moon (320 degrees or 20' Aquarius) and consulting a web site on Sabian symbols, the answer I received was 38 (8' Taurus?) - Taurus 07 - The woman of Samaria comes to draw water from Jacob's well. or Taurus 08 - A sleigh without snow. Can you examine my results and come up with an explanation for my part of hidden identity?
Hello CapAquaPis.
You are using a technique to determine Parts that I'm not at all familiar with...I will assume though that you know what you're doing.

It is late here and I'm winding down my long day, I already have a bit of a notion as to what this symbol may be relevant to and will likely reveal itself to be as so eventually.

But, I do hope that you are "rounding up" as I mentioned. if your Part of Hidden Identity is 06* Taurus and some change then it is in the 7th degree of Taurus. If it is anything over 07* Taurus 00' 00" then it is in the 8th degree of Taurus. But do know that these precepts are not as like something digital but more like what one could say is like analog, that is if we were comparing them to stations on a radio. If you have ever used an old analog radio you already know how one station fades ...then blends in with the next until the next one becomes all that you can hear. Unlike a digital tuner that cuts it cleanly from one station to the next...ideally anyways. It's the same with these influences. When one is very near a cusp of a degree you will be getting some of the preceding or following degrees' influence.
It does sound to me, though, that you have the 8th degree of Taurus for the Part... If it is the 7th, it'll be easier analysis for me.

I'll get back to this, hopefully tomorrow, and see if you have clarified the issue

That degree and symbol, the 7th of Taurus, is quite significant to Phoenix Venus, by the way, it just so happens to be Her Part of Hidden Identity ...hence why it would be an easier analysis.

If it is the same degree, that you have for your Part of Hidden Identity, I'll have to give her a "poke" and see if she won't share some insight with you.
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