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The Part of Hidden Identity

Greetings. I begged for this separate forum for Astrological Parts for a couple of years and now that it is a reality I haven't initiated a thread to this date.
I have been rather bogged down with matters of personal business, friends with health issues, family issues, tax issues and putting together what will hopefully become another book that I've been working on with fellow member Phoenix Venus.

We've been wrestling with trying to fully understand some recent revelations we had with the Part of Hyleg as we discovered that not only the New Moon or Full Moon that was closest before birth that is of great significance as for it being also known as the of the "Root of Life" (as it is said that the word "Hyleg" is in reference to. And not to be confused with the Planet that ones determines is the "Hyleg" of their chart...which I have yet to personally use as I haven't had the time to look into it and learn the techniques involved.) but that the post and pre-natal New Moons reveal through the Sabian Symbol, found for the degree they are in, very relative and most significant precepts of action, attitude or intellectual approach (as that is how the Sabians were catagorized by Dane Rudhyar. Actually they were identified as lots of five degree each changing in the same order from Aries 01*, every five degrees as "Actional", "Emotional-Cultural" and "Individual-Mental") that will take an important role in your unfolding dharma during your lifetime.

It's not that these symbolic precepts are born along with you as part of your psychological nature (as that is what modern natal astrology is basically, that is, a map of your psychological being) they are representative of what your "Lot in life" will be of a necessity in your future so as to specifically guide you down the path of your dharma so that you have a fighting chance to accomplish it.
Kind of funny in a sense. ... where as the Part of Hyleg is also known as the Part of Life (Root of Life, Radix Vitae) and since Parts may also be called "Lots" that I find it to be about ones' "Lot in life" and more to its nature than that of the "Lot of Life"... or maybe that was what it was known as in times of great antiquity and like so many things from that long ago, translations of archaic tomes and relief found on stellas and the like, "lost something in the translation".

What Phoenix Venus and I found in synastry and in composites is "off the hook" and I have been wanting to write of it but need Her permission as it will require sharing some of her natal chart. My chart is posted all over this forum so I have nothing to hide anymore... but it is wise not to reveal everything about yourself. Many of the long time members here have never revealed anything about their own natal charts. Personally, when it comes to astrologer to astrologer, if I show you my chart it is only courteous to show me yours if you are going to engage me in debate as to some other interpretation or method of technique is to be utilized other than the one I have used... as a considerable amount of weight is given to me by the very structure and nature of my chart, it gives me the edge in personal experience. My natal chart being so multifaceted in that there are so many polygonal astrological matrices, a good many incomplete but they still have some effect and at times even are made complete by transiting influences and chart progression, and given enough of those in ones natal chart to have to deal with and understand... that it is a master course in astrology just living day to day and referring the days events to my natal and progressed natal chart.

In my chart I have oppositions and conjunctions, trines, quintiles, sextiles and septiles... octiles (or semi-squares), noviles and semis galore...-sextiles,-quintiles, -septiles, tredeciles, sesquares and quincunxes... a Grand Trine, a Grand Cross, a "Mystic" or "Harmonic" rectangle... I've got 'em all.

Check back with this sub-forum, time to time, as I know Phoenix V. is likely to go along with initiating a thread on these three Parts of Hyleg, and Hyleg-esque like Parts, and will have some interesting and enlightening stories of her own to share.

But... I sure have digressed here, haven't I?
To the Part of Hidden Identity aka the Part of Oration. It is one of the old Arabic Parts as it is found by the formula of, Ascendant + Saturn - Moon.

I only learned of this Part sometime in the early 00's. For years, more than twenty years anyways, I only used the twenty nine Parts that Ursula Lewis gave formula for in her "Astrology Handbook" (a very concise and very informative book that is now out of print. If you should see a copy in a used book store don't hesitate, buy it. If you don't find it to your liking, I'll buy it off of you. My copy is in Tatters... with a capital "T") which served me well for what little I did refer to them.
It was not until I discovered that Astrological parts are symbolically active (at least for my own self and I have never heard mention of any astrologer using them in association with the Parts, past or present...except for those that have caught on) in late 2004 that I expanded the number of Astrological Parts I use and consult which in number is all of those in the listing I compiled in the thread here in this sub-forum. (I do mention in that thread that I utilize Sabian Symbols to verify the propriety of its title and purported effect. If it doesn't hold up I make mention of it but I do list every known 'published' tile for what Parts are listed... and a couple few that aren't published... not yet, anyways). It was the Part of Hidden Identity (aka Oration) that really floored me ...or at least it is one of those that have... when I first calculated for that of my natal chart as I always consult the Sabians first thing.
There is one degree in the Zodiac that has a Sabian Symbol that, in its way, represents the 360 degree symbols. Dane Rudhyar's book on the Sabian Symbols (which He spent nearly his whole life writing and compiling...over forty years, anyways... He was well into his 70's when He finally did publish his book, around 1973 or '74, I forget and the three copies that I have here are so tattered that I can't read the copyright date anymore. It is another book that is out of print and some people are trying to get a hundred dollars and more for their copy on ebay... save your dough, it'll be back in print ere too long and there are sites online that list them. I recommend Rudhyar's set over anyone elses, followed by Marc Edmond Jones and then Lynda Hill, she is the recognized "living authority" on the symbols and has tried to make some of the symbols more universally symbolic, those symbols which are not so easily understood by other than people of Occidental society... Such as Santa Claus who is used in one symbol. How is someone that is Chinese or Iranian to understand or relate to a Santa Claus?) is titled "An Astrological Mandala" and the 16th degree of Cancer is described and given by Dane Rudhyar as such: [ibid.]


A deep concern with problems raised by the process of personality integration.

After a person decides to follow a certain course of action, accepting a new allegiance, the results of this decision at the three basic levels of human experience (actional, emotional-cultural and individual-mental) have to be stabilized and consolidated.
This is what is meant by the process of personality integration. In Asia the great symbol of this process is the Mandala; in the Christian world we find, in various forms, the symbol of the Cross. The Christian design is often simple and bare; it is its reference to the crucifixion of a God-man that personalizes or emotionalizes it. The Oriental Mandala can take an infinite variety of forms and can encompass a vast multiplicity of contents; it is psychological and cosmic. The square - the foundation of the Mandala - potentially encloses diverse contents. The Cross, on the other hand, represents conflict in action; it is a symbol of tragic overcoming. The Mandala symbolizes integration of opposing trends and multiple bipolar energies.

This is the first stage of the twenty-second five-fold sequence. It reveals a deep effort on the part of the individualized consciousness to reach a solid basis of understanding that will allow it to perceive the structural relationship of every part of the personality to every other part. It is a mental process implying study and an inward-turning of the attention,
CONCENTRATION; even more it is a symbol of what might at first be called CONFORMATION that is, a profound and stabilizing sense of form, but of one's own individual form, not an external socio-cultural pattern."

That is the degree my Part of Hidden Identity, aka Part of Oration, is in. It is actually located at 15* Cancer 24" 31" (always "round up" your degree for the appropriate Sabian Symbol. The degrees of the Zodiac are identified as 1* through 30* by those of us that use the Sabian Symbols, there is no 00* of any sign. 01* 00' 00" is still the first degree, but the instant it is, it ain't no more as that is the nature of the ephemeri.)

Well, as I was 51 years of age when I learned of using the Sabian Symbols in such a manner and also learned of interpreting the chart axis and every house cusp through the Sabians for the message they conceal and the knowledge they reveal that I delved heavily into the book of Rudhyar's,
re-reading it for the first time ever and then reading it again, studying it intensely... just like the Sabian Symbol for the 16th of Cancer implies... and being that it came about so late in life for me that it is as like a "hidden identity" as it was 'hidden' from me for the greater portion of my life and "hidden' from everyone that knew me... ad it has become that which I do get on a little soap box and spout off about to anyone that'll listen... a Part of Oration...

...and by the way, I forgot to mention that my natal Uranus is in the 16th degree of Cancer, at 15* Cancer 19' to be exact. It is square my Venus in the 16th of Aries, sextile my Sun and Desc. in the 17th and 18th of Taurus, octile Mars in the 5th of Gemini, semi-quintile to Pluto in the 21st of Leo octile to my M.C. in the 25th of Leo, sextile Lilith in the 15th of Virgo and trine my ascendant at 17* Scorpio 08'.
I would almost call my natal Uranus the almuten of my chart as it certainly seems to have more affect and always of some pronounced effect on my life by it transits... astrodienst says that my Moon is the most influential.

But if one goes by the fact that the sideral zodiac is now 31 degrees and a little more than 5 minutes progressed and well over thirty degrees when I was born, Uranus is actually in Gemini, the "Higher Ruler" of that sign and one that I believe is particularly oriented towards Uranus as Gemini represents "Air on the Earth" and a number of astrologers have found cause and reason to state that Uranus is the ruler of the tornado and the cyclone.

Uranus is the "higher octave" of Mercury and it is known as the "Great Awakener"... and it is on my Part of Hidden Identity aka Oration in the 16th of Cancer which has a Sabian Symbol that describes the Zodiac as perceived by a Sabian Symbol utilizing astrologer.... go figure.

Where is your Part of Hidden Identity or Oration, and what does it's Sabian symbol tell you?
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