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Re: Career path and fame indicators

Originally Posted by sandstone View Post
hi geminigal,

i would just follow what your heart tells you and not be concerned about fame indicators.. fame and success are all relative. the most important concern to me would be this - are you happy and in sync with what you are doing? many people do work at jobs they are unhappy with. if you follow your heart, let it be your guide, and don't worry about indicators for fame.

success to me is an inner thing, not an outer thing..

i think your chart has some indicators pointing to writing. moon/uranus conjunct the midheaven with moon applying to the gemini planets and mercury ascendant ruler strong in the sign gemini all help in this direction. any communication field with an unique personal touch given via the moon/uranus conj on the midheaven seem like a fit. the midheaven and planets nearby all come under the influence of saturn which is located in the 12th house area of your chart in taurus.. a career that is more behind the scenes such as writing might be a better fit.. the moon so close to the midheaven does change this some as it is in a prominent position on the midheaven. perhaps your mom or one of your parents may be able to give you more guidance on the direction for you to go in.. you are still very young! all the best working thru it all and figuring out what you want to do in life..

Thank you for the answer! I enjoy writing songs but that is pretty much all I ever write...I try writing stories but I give up after the first day! I think its funny how every website and a lot of people say that my 12th house Saturn and Venus would make me shy and want to be behind the scene but I actually love attention! I guess my sun and mars in the first house makes me like the attention
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