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Unread 12-05-2005, 06:29 AM
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"Lapis do you have a good emoticon for wiping egg of the face?"

No Elianah but I do have this one for you....

Isn't it amazing how we each get 'triggered' so as to 'trigger' other people's specific issues that desire resolution? That Aries/Libra thing I guess. Waterbearer50 and I went through something like this too recently. It's usually 'all ours' and the other person has very little to do with it actually (because its OUR old *%$#@#) and we alone must disempower the little bugger whatever 'it' is. Free up that energy and then reabsorb it back into ourselves. I know you know all this already.....just wanted to say well done. 8)
The Fish are dead, long live the Energy Waves.

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