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Re: Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?

Unlike the first two members that responded who are Traditional astrologers, I use Equal House system and am a modern astrologer. Lots of people that come into Astrology get their free charts calculated at and the default ‘house system’ used is Placidus and think that’s just the norm and all that there is……..BUT that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can change the default on in Extended Chart selection to Equal house and a few more.

Throughout the forums but mainly in natal astrology there are two main branches Placidus (unequal size houses) v Equal House (whereby each house is same size) but lots more……. For more information on these go here.

It's only with study and research will you be able to assess where your planets are deposited and in which houses... thus see which 'glove fits'

Now your chart ruler Saturn is the main focus and is square to uranus, this suggests issues to do with freedom (uranus) v convention, hard work, duty, responsibility (saturn) connected to 8th and 11th house matters, as Uranus/node is in 11th house and your Pluto is Angular, giving it much more importance in the chart.

I was hoping someone could give me another perspective on my birth chart. I'm wondering if it's possible to tell a person's destiny via their natal chart.
A person's destiny could be defined as N Node (what your soul wants to grow and evolve) and yours is in scorpio conj Uranus which is strong in 11th house, uranus at 'home'

Cos scorpio is ruled by Pluto and pluto is angular and strong we need to look at it's aspects. With 4 sextiles and trine is well aspected. Pluto trine moon (I have this) gives intense emotions ‑ believing that thoughts are living things. Not satisfied with superficial investigation, we dig deep. Anything hidden engrosses us and we find an almost magical attraction in unsolved riddles, mysterious old civilizations, the world beneath the ocean and the deeper layers of the mind. It does not take much for our interest to be aroused in such things.
By letting go of the strong desire of getting what we want in the here and now, satisfaction will come more easily as we find that we get what we need. Our personal relationships and romances will suffer when we take things too personally, and expect others to follow a certain script that we have unconsciously written for them. Learning to let go of the need for drama and attention, and moving towards a more objective approach to our lives, as well as cultivating true friendships, will help us to achieve a greater sense of balance
A tendency to be overly self-reliant and set in our ways, to cling to our possessions (material and otherwise) and habits, to be too fearful of crisis and overly focused on security, and to attempt to achieve success through sheer will rather than listening to our sixth sense are some of the issues this position suggests. With this position, we need to loosen the grasp we have on the things and people around us and open ourselves up to our soul's need for transformation, change, and regeneration.

So the conundrum of N Node scorpio and strong Aquarian/Uranus energy needs further research. Also to understand our life path and Lessons for learning, it's important we recognise and see where our early 'wounds' come from and we do this by looking at chiron and yours is conj IC/home roots/family with a square from venus to chiron.
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