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Re: Please help! Is it possible to tell a person's destiny from their natal chart?

Susan, a warm welcome to the Forum.

Joseph, firstly may I compliment you on this thorough and succinct delineation.

Susan, I too have Saturn ruling my Ascendant. That in itself is not good for the physical body but Saturn's house and sign placement and aspects become of critical importance.Yours is sextile the moon in h6.
Now that sun moon opp takes place across h12/h6 aspect and in h12 (how we sabotage ourselves among other things) is sun closely cj Neptune. This could make you very meditative, a daydreamer, loss of concentration, fatigue. self deception, but opposite the moon in H6 will most certainly adversely affect your physical being/. Mercury related illnesses are most likely.
Jupiter rules your 12th, and is in your fifth,trine venus in your first. This suggests to me that you might be a very creative person (jup in Venus's sign).The link to the tenth suggests a person very much involved in creativity or work with children.

Jupiter's supposed square to saturn is too wide an orb imo. They are both retrograde, and slow movers at the best of times.
Mercury is certainly the major player in your chart. I suspect you have well developed psychic abilities too.(Ever thought of working in that area?)
With Chiron trine Mercury you are possibly inclined toward telepathic healing as well.(Reiki comes to mind here).
I think academic pursuits may be difficult for you.Mercury rules h9 and is not strongly enough aspected (imo) to make it focussed and directed. I think you will do better with freedom to explore the things that interest you, and learn about those.
The ruler of your third is jupiter (the piscean version) thus relating to the sun/Neptune conjunction in h12. This places the focus on an internal journey where work needs to be done in seclusion (and in your home, going by Jupiter's placement there-in h5 but retrograding into h4).
There's a lot more that can be said here but I'll leave that to others.

**As above, so below**
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