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Re: Using astrology, who will win Bundesliga 2019/2020?

Originally Posted by Scibeii View Post
What do you mean exactly by Borussia Monchengladbach has never been a winner in the archive of winners from 1998-99 to the present day? Sure, they have not won in a long, long time - but can't there be a champion that has not won recently? Or perhaps a winner that has not won the current version of the league? Would like to hear your thoughts and logic.

Side note: I think last season was the first in history where all the champions of the top 5 leagues remained the same as the previous year (Manchester City, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, PSG). Do you think this means something? Why did it happen?
For me, logic and statistics are an integral part of sports astrology for me personally.
The logic is that the team that last became the champion in 1977 has long been the wrong team)). Now teams in which they donít invest millions, are not capable of anything, I wonít explain you as a healthy person, and so I think you understand this. The exception may be England, that's all.
What do I think about repeating the championship in a number of championships? I didnít think much of it or explored this topic, but everything has its own explanations. If you saw my predictions about the Champions League 2019 where the final of the English teams was predicted in the final and a number of successful predictions, then I can say that with a good analysis, you can make noteworthy predictions.
Prediction only with the help of sports astrology
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