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Re: Using astrology, who will win Bundesliga 2019/2020?

Originally Posted by Torero View Post
What do I think about the color of the shape of the players? I have answered more than once, and I will answer again. The color of the team’s uniform is utter nonsense, which was invented by a person who does not understand astrology at all.
This is my opinion and no one will convince me in this, because I know more information about the correct interpretation of the event map. And I have very decent work results.
well, dear torero, i just want to give my thoughts on the subject

i believe astrology is all about vibrations.

vibrations and frequencies,

colors are frequencies of visible light

so there i see a connection between the planets and colors they "resonate" with,

secondly, i believe that, even if subconsciously, when a team is formed, this team is now a "living" part of this breathtaking universe.
and the name, the badge, the kits and the colors "resonate"
so, it is not a coincidence that bayern are red each season. thats just part of their "vibration", their "soul"

so i believe , the colors do matter, but probably in much more mysterious way we can grasp

also try to observe how often kick off represents the signs on asc and dsc.

for example when aries is on asc and libra on dsc. often times the "red" team will kick off..

one day i will conduct a series of studies on this


good luck and blessings on all your paths (to whomever reads this )
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