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Re: Using astrology, who will win Bundesliga 2019/2020?

Originally Posted by Torero View Post
If you look at the map of the first match. You can see the following picture, Mars is in the 7th house, the ACS is at 27 degrees. For me, this arrangement suggests that the winner of the Bundesligt will not change, that is, there will again be Bayern.
Why is she now not in first place in the standings, because it is, although distant, but nevertheless, the connection with the Sun took strength at the initial stage of the tournament, and closer to the middle of the tournament, Bayern will take its rightful place.
Many thanks for your opinion and prediction, Torero. Is there something else for other teams? What are the chances of a new winner? Perhaps RB Leipzig or Borussia Monchengladbach as gecko235 mentioned? What do you think about kit colours?

Would greatly appreciate if you responded to my other threads,
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