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Re: Does Via Combusta apply on natal charts, too?

Originally Posted by AJ Astrology View Post
Hi helike13,

House systems are relatively new in astrology. If you believe the Zodiac is 27,000 years old, then it's only been in the last 1,500 years or so that house system were used.

Sumerian star lists always begin with Pisces. The last time Earth was in Pisces was 25,000 BCE. That suggests, but doesn't prove, the Zodiac was created around that time.

It's possible the Sumerian created the Zodiac then worked backwards to identify the ages.

Still, that begs the question, "Why Pisces?"

If the Sumerians created the Zodiac during the Age of Taurus, why not work backwards to Taurus and stop? Why keep going to Pisces? Or, why not go beyond Pisces? Did something important happen around 25,000 BCE?

By the time Earth entered Pisces again around Year 0, the Sumerians had been dead and gone for ~1,900 years.

Anyway, you don't really need a house system and the ancients didn't use one. I don't see where they really add anything, except complications.

Progressions were calculated differently than modern astrologers do and they were only used for mundane charts, not personal charts.

You're reading the chart wrong. A slow planet can never aspect a faster planet, unless the slow planet is retrograde.

In your chart, Mercury has separated from the opposition to Mars/Saturn so that is no longer an aspect. Mercury has also separated from Jupiter, so that is not an aspect.

Sun/Venus are inconjunct the Ascendant.

Moon has separated from Jupiter, so that's not an aspect.

Moon is applying in trine to Mercury but separated from the sextile to Saturn and is in trine with retrograde Mars.

Jupiter/Saturn have separated from their opposition/trine and are retrograde moving away from your Ascendant.

Your PoF is at 15* Leo and Sun/Venus are sextile.

Mars is chasing Saturn. Saturn the slower planet chasing is not chasing Mars. That would be daft.

I've never seen anything of any importance in a progressed chart, except in two cases. One is when a planet changes signs and the other when a planet in an applying aspect changes directions.

You don't need a progressed chart for that. All you need is an ephemeris and it'll take you all of 5 minutes to see if there's anything important to note.

The reason I say a planet "chasing" another is because that's what's happening. You're chasing something you'll never get: wealth, power, fame, good fortune, good relationships, good health, career, or whatever those planets signify in your chart.
Good explanation - many thanks
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