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Re: Can someone please help me understand why I cant stop thinking about everything?

Originally Posted by Superlative View Post
Yes, you're absolutely right! I feel overloaded mostly always especially when im at college. At home, I rather not think about anything and just go back into a "shell" like state, where I do not think of anything.

I also have a hard time to tap into my identity because I feel with different social situations I exhibit varying behaviors. Sometimes this can be helpful, but most always it tends to make me feel insecure.

I am mostly always in deep thought since the past year. I have been very social 2 years back when I was at school, even tho I felt alone most of the time.

Are there any suggestions you guys could give me on this problem? Anything else interesting you find in my chart? Any other demerits in my chart that I would want to overcome?

Do you have any intellectual interest that you can spend all day doing? Especially one that involves shedding light to a mystery of some sort?

As a Gemini I can attest to the need for mental stimulation. You just have to learn something new or you will get bored to death. And my chart isn't that focused on Air! You will need that more than me because your chart is heavily focused on Air. I don't think you will like the Gemini style of learning (Jupiter detriment, 4H and 8H emphasis). I would imagine you are more suitable with a deeper, more philosophical approach to knowledge.

Your problem is that you somehow think having a racing mind is a bad thing. You have Sun in 3H and Merc/Venus in Libra so you want to appear more sociable. But 8H Aqua Moon says "**** it, I don't need people to approve of what I want" while 11H Saturn nods silently in the background (a need for the "right" group of friend). I think you need to honor your inner need to be a rebel. You don't have to detach yourself from the world, but if conforming to groups tires you out then don't force yourself to. A lot of great people in history are loners at heart, who are capable of deep thinking
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