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Originally Posted by Superlative View Post
Yes, you're absolutely right! I feel overloaded mostly always especially when im at college. At home, I rather not think about anything and just go back into a "shell" like state, where I do not think of anything.

I also have a hard time to tap into my identity because I feel with different social situations I exhibit varying behaviors. Sometimes this can be helpful, but most always it tends to make me feel insecure.

I am mostly always in deep thought since the past year. I have been very social 2 years back when I was at school, even tho I felt alone most of the time.

Are there any suggestions you guys could give me on this problem? Anything else interesting you find in my chart? Any other demerits in my chart that I would want to overcome?

Yes, lol. I think most stuff from varying perspectives and it makes me crazy most of the times. I get bored a lot lol tbh.. sometimes my mind thinks too slow but sometimes it can predict how the situation can turn out for the like the next 2-3 hours.. sometimes it just phases out. Completely uncontrollable.

I'm bored mostly always. It feels like I want some mental activity in my brain always. But when I am at home, my brain just automatically turns off all
cerebral activity and just feels like I don't "think" stuff and all that is being done is limbic thinking and movements.

I hope I'm not too far off topic here.

Seems interesting. Although I don't get what you're saying but I will certainly take up mediation.

I don't know why it happens. Cant control it no matter how hard I try. It will eventually just get out of hand and I will continue to overthink the entire day ... eventually tiring myself .. and when i reach home.. i just on autopilot and completely stop thinking about anything.. just taking things at face value..

I presently don't have an emotional connection with anyone let alone my childhood friends and family, so I feel alone at all times but I find that I can empathize with anyone even to an emotional level. It's just I had some emotional drama the past few months so it appears it took a toll on my mental health. It's all ok now, just need to recuperate.. :P

I would like to say, thank you Gemini, hkk, and greyboard for responding to my post. I feel certainly enlightened. thank you again!
Bless you Superlative 😍😍 bless you!

Iím curious to know have you had more of these issues over the last few weeks or so more so than ever? Personally I have found my mind racing around a lot more with a lot of the planets in Virgo right now. Was wondering if this has happened to you? X
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