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Re: Can someone please help me understand why I cant stop thinking about everything?

The Moon/Saturn/Mars is one of your most challenging energy, especially with Moon being chart ruler and Mars as MC's ruler. Mars fires Moon up while Saturn slows Moon down. Saturn is also at critical deg. Do you feel overloaded by too much input from the outside world sometimes?

But Saturn is also involved in a grand air trine with Merc and Neptune. I figure that you see yourself as a very intellectual and logical person and you strive to make sense of the world. So when you can't explain something you become frustrated. Neptune in 8H has a tendency to fantasize the worst, and 4H Merc crawls into a shell. I wouldn't see you as a very open person either, with planets in 8H.

Sun is also almost unaspected. You have a rather hard time to tap into your identity.
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