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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

Originally Posted by Kernowerno View Post
I get the feeling that my affiliations with anthroposophy are very much 'exploratory' in this life, with the possibility of a more strongly felt association in future incarnations. I feel I may have a certain amount of 'karma to clear' before I'm in a position to really - and safely - dig in to what anthroposophy will become for the future of humankind. We'll see
good on you for being so self-aware Kernowerno...
I think I'm possibly coming from the opposite direction - my involvement in the school is helping me to understand people, and then next life I might actually start to get some 'real' understanding of Anthroposophy
In the mean time, I enjoy the creative lessons with the students.

I have enjoyed reading your post - I have learnt a lot about the Yod through reading of your experiences with this.
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