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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

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The interesting thing here is that you've had quite a few transits recently to the Yod. Saturn has been transiting the Apex and Uranus has been conjunct Jupiter. Furthermore, Jupiter has been conjunct your NN and Pluto is transiting House 5 asking you to transform the way you approach creativity among other House 5 topics. Maybe this has provided the impetus to seek further insight here. So I think your realization about where you need to move with your art is spot on. .....
Thanks StillOne, these transits are interesting, and maybe you can help shed a bit of light on a few things if you care to. As I pointed out in my intro, I've had many years away from astrology, a conscious decision to embrace a more spontaneous approach as I was becoming a little too subjected to following transits and not living, what I perceived to be, an 'unfettered life with free choice' so to speak. A recent meeting in my life led to the re-introduction of astrology, hooking up with 'Astrologer's Community' etc - and glad of it too. Regarding this, I've just posted a new thread title 'Karmic meeting, or just coincidence?' that you might find interesting, especially in light of your comment "... among other 5th house topics...". I am in the middle of going through what seems like a major life-changing situation, both within and externally, but this recent occurrence has left me bewildered and somewhat at a loss. Hopefully you're able to provide some helpful insight

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