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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
are you interested in teaching a Steiner school at all?
There are lots of Steiner schools who would love a talented musician and artist and actor with an understanding of anthroposophy.
And as you don't 'teach' anthroposophy (Steiner always said not to teach it), you don't have to have excelled in anthroposophy to be a teacher - just have an understanding of it.
Or given your talents plus your knowledge of Anthroposophy - you could teach the up-coming teachers
Hi hypatia, that's a very interesting proposition, and something I once did consider an option, and will never exclude as a potential (I met many wonderful young teacher trainees when working at Steiner House in London for a year, they were a real groovy bunch), but I live in a very remote part of the UK now and somehow don't see it on the horizon. I may be off the mark with this, but I get the feeling that my affiliations with anthroposophy are very much 'exploratory' in this life, with the possibility of a more strongly felt association in future incarnations. I feel I may have a certain amount of 'karma to clear' before I'm in a position to really - and safely - dig in to what anthroposophy will become for the future of humankind. We'll see
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