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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

Originally Posted by Krewster View Post
Hmmm, somewhat disturbing that your behavior/experiences do not evidence a 2 min tight Sun 60 Jup’s expected ability to counter-balance your Sun’s four or five other mostly minor and looser-orbed challenging aspects. Perhaps the Sun 60 Jup has been more about having endless socializing luck...(would you say)...? e.g., have you always been able to get into the cool group (define to taste) or...?
Yes Krewster, absolutely! I seem to have always 'fallen in' with the creative, counter-culture, 'arty' 'hippy' scene incredibly easily, to the point of almost knowing it was 'meant to be', because there would somehow always be people I'd meet and click with wherever I went - & begin meaningful relationships with - and I travelled extensively (within the UK) and met many, many people from all walks, so your assessment would be borne out I think. To back this up, the woman I met within a month of immigrating to the UK, who was much older than I, lived in a counter-culture community in the heart of a borough that was considered the 'creative melting-pot of London', who's son was the person I was introduced to for a cannabis supplier (and with who I became very friendly, also a musician) , maybe 'too much info' there, but those sorts of situations have peppered my entire life so far. See my new thread 'Karmic meeting, or just coincidence' if you're curious about the latest instalment of what I believe to be a similar thing, maybe you could help to clarify. Your assessments are very close to the mark and very enlightening.

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About manning up (not now, but in the past a la embracing a boring but stable career type thing), it will be important to not yield too much to the Merc 90 Sat type thinking patterns (so easy for a Sat-by-hindsight to judge Nept’s non-supportive influence on a personal planet isn’t it).
Regarding this element, I've always had a strong tendency to 'look back' and be very hard on myself, something I still have to deal with. I've always felt like I've been at odds with myself in this respect, and although I was made aware of the tendency to be 'my own worst enemy', thanks to my astrological 'studies', I've only in recent years begun to really try to address the issue with conscious thinking and being 'nice to myself' instead. So again, you're right on the money. Regarding your young daughter, I would keep a good eye on it, but with someone like yourself at the helm I'm sure she'll be just fine Thanks for your time Krewster, very insightful.

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