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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

Hmmm, somewhat disturbing that your behavior/experiences do not evidence a 2 min tight Sun 60 Jup’s expected ability to counter-balance your Sun’s four or five other mostly minor and looser-orbed challenging aspects. Perhaps the Sun 60 Jup has been more about having endless socializing luck...(would you say)...? e.g., have you always been able to get into the cool group (define to taste) or...?
My young daughter has the Sun 150 Nept double loose-orbed than yours and also little aspectual support for the Sun, so I’m following this closely...
About manning up (not now, but in the past a la embracing a boring but stable career type thing), it will be important to not yield too much to the Merc 90 Sat type thinking patterns (so easy for a Sat-by-hindsight to judge Nept’s non-supportive influence on a personal planet isn’t it).
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