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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

Originally Posted by Kernowerno View Post
I could regarding the workings of the spiritual worlds, while continuing to grow creatively as well. I've never been able to pursue the real nitty gritties of anthroposophy ie meditation designed to develop the latent organs of clairvoyance and 'channelling'
are you interested in teaching a Steiner school at all?
There are lots of Steiner schools who would love a talented musician and artist and actor with an understanding of anthroposophy.
And as you don't 'teach' anthroposophy (Steiner always said not to teach it), you don't have to have excelled in anthroposophy to be a teacher - just have an understanding of it.
Or given your talents plus your knowledge of Anthroposophy - you could teach the up-coming teachers
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