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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

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....With a Neptune tipped Yod, a spiritual direction is a must and that's what you were trying to find when you were younger. From your earlier days of exploration, you know that there exists a higher state of being but the key is to be able to achieve it without the mind altering substances. According to Satyananda Yoga, Music is one of the highest forms of Bhakti.
Thanks for your input StillOne, which is very perceptive. Curiously I met a woman in my 21st year when I arrived in London, much older than I, with whom I had a 3 year life-changing - and in my view, clearly karmic if ever there was one - relationship. She introduced me to the astrology class she was attending, but more importantly, to a Spiritual Science movement known as Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner), which seemed to be the perfect match to my soul-searching. She is a painter, and encouraged me to paint using the methods recommended by anthroposophy. I didn't stop using cannabis or the occasional hallucinogens, but became vaguely aware that they may inhibit my spiritual progress, but I was happy, took a job as librarian in the society and read as much as I could regarding the workings of the spiritual worlds, while continuing to grow creatively as well. I've never been able to pursue the real nitty gritties of anthroposophy ie meditation designed to develop the latent organs of clairvoyance and 'channelling', largely because I find meditation nigh-on impossible (Gemini restlessness, Uranian nervousness???). I mention these things because I feel they may be facts that can be correlated with the chart by astrologers looking for case studies, I hope it doesn't come across as self-indulgent. Thanks again, great responses.
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