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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

Originally Posted by Krewster View Post
On the Yod, my above question remains begging for an answer: is the 2 min-orbed Sun 60 Jup over-ridden by the 28 min orbed Sun 150 Nept...? (or are you at least independently wealthy or otherwise lucky despite the professed lack of talent harnassing towards a reality-direction).
My younger bro has a Sun-apexed Yod with Jup and Pluto below and his adulthood rejection of cities, office-life etc, has him burning now in his penniless 50s (despite great talent and IQ).
As for your mentioned talent-oriented behavior/experiences, Mars/Uran quintile Moon/Nept is surely as energistically creative as anyone would want (not to mention Ven decile Jup).
Krewster, in response to your question, I, like your brother, am not independently wealthy. I too am 'burning panniless in my fifties' as you so succinctly put it :-). The other response above may point to some degree as to why that is, but only partly. My strong Neptune nature has led to my always being very aware of a spiritual reality, even as a child, which led to a quite 'serious' demeanour underlying a deep soul-searching trait. Finance, career, mortgages, even the game of 'monopoly' always went over my head. I felt absolutely no affinity for those practical affairs, forfeiting any efforts in those directions for a largely 'fantastic' inner world populated by art, music, drama etc, sometimes feeling like illusions of grandeur. I became painfully conscious of my need for fame, recognition, and even the affiliated acquisition of wealth that might accompany such recognition and fame, and felt somehow embarrassed and 'guilty' for having such apparently shallow ambitions. I reacted by playing down my talents and, as I said, escaping through drugs etc. I've wondered at times whether avoiding the 'hard work', responsibilities and 'fear of rejection' has led to my not manning up and putting myself out there. I hope this gives you a little more insight and a possible pointer to the answer to your question. I would like to know what you conclude. Thanks for your interest and your sound questioning.
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