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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

On the Yod, my above question remains begging for an answer: is the 2 min-orbed Sun 60 Jup over-ridden by the 28 min orbed Sun 150 Nept...? (or are you at least independently wealthy or otherwise lucky despite the professed lack of talent harnassing towards a reality-direction).
My younger bro has a Sun-apexed Yod with Jup and Pluto below and his adulthood rejection of cities, office-life etc, has him burning now in his penniless ‘50’s (despite great talent and IQ).
As for your mentioned talent-oriented behavior/experiences, Mars/Uran quintile Moon/Nept is surely as energistically creative as anyone would want (not to mention Ven decile Jup).
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