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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

Originally Posted by Kernowerno View Post
I had very challenging relationships in my youth, particularly with my mother and father, which I believe led to the development of an 'addictive' personality disorder, and I started smoking at a very young age (10) and then smoking cannabis at 16. Escapism seems to have been a hallmark of my life, with music blurring the lines between a useful approach (I've always been very musical and creative, playing drums and percussion at an early age, learning guitars, producing electronic dance music, graphics, painting, drawing etc) and an escapist one, which led to another journey into the underworld of drugs, all night raves etc. I suppose the irritation element is that I wasn't able to harness the creative energies productively, sabotaging my own efforts, wasting a lot of energy being hedonistic, when I might have been better off working hard to realise my creative ambitions. I've since straightened out and am seriously beginning to think about pursuing painting and music as a realistic path to self realisation. Funny, saying this now seems to make more sense than ever before, and the fact that you've all mentioned that it's frustrating until it's harnessed properly has really hit home. Thanks for that, hope this serves as a look into the Yod in some way.
Like Mdinaz says, the irritation element is consistent with Yods. I'm not sure if it can be avoided even if you fully realize the Yod. However, I know from experience that, when one engages in the direction of the Yod it is as if a lot can be accomplished without tiring easily. You tap into flow and time flies by without you realizing. That's when the irritation of the Yod is "appeased". Although, this may be a brief period, as we all need to eat and sleep as well as other things.

I wouldn't beat yourself up too much about having "wasted" a lot of time. A lot of that experience is banked and later drawn upon with the Yod. Also, with Yods, sometimes life is a bit more linear. I say this as I also reflect on my own life, thinking I have "wasted" a lot of time and being 10 years younger than you with a Neptune tipped Yod as well… I've been contemplating that very topic lately and it's not an easy subject. I think with Yods our lives unfold in a more fated manner… this is why the Yod is also known as the Finger of Fate.

The interesting thing here is that you've had quite a few transits recently to the Yod. Saturn has been transiting the Apex and Uranus has been conjunct Jupiter. Furthermore, Jupiter has been conjunct your NN and Pluto is transiting House 5 asking you to transform the way you approach creativity among other House 5 topics. Maybe this has provided the impetus to seek further insight here. So I think your realization about where you need to move with your art is spot on.

With a Neptune tipped Yod, a spiritual direction is a must and that's what you were trying to find when you were younger. From your earlier days of exploration, you know that there exists a higher state of being but the key is to be able to achieve it without the mind altering substances. According to Satyananda Yoga, Music is one of the highest forms of Bhakti.

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