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Re: Is this Yod energising or blocked?

I've never heard of a Yod as energizing or blocking. I think one can generally tend to try and ignore the energies of the Yod until later in life (at least until 30 and sometimes much later). However, I do think the energies are always there but tend to manifest in subtle undercurrents that tend to become irritating to the native over time until the direction of the Yod is explored: the notorious fork in the road.

I suppose I can see how a Yod could be described as blocking in that the quincunx aspects make the apex planet difficult to understand and relate to. So in that sense, before the Yod is fully recognized, I can see there being a blocking sensation there as there can exist a frustration involving the houses of the Yod and what is required of the native.

I think the Neptune tipped Yod is one, if not the most, challenging of Yods. Maybe you'd care to explain what you think yours means? It seems quite intense since it involves your Sun and Jupiter as well as the IC.

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