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Re: I Just Want What's Fair

Debbie Marie, I am glad you have some assistance. Even if your landlord can evict you without cause, if the stairs are their property, I suspect you have a case. It is best if a lawyer represents you if your case goes to trial or mediation, however. If your landlord is a large property owner, you can be sure they will be well-represented by lawyers.

I don't do much predictive work, other than suggesting good or bad/likely or unlikely times for something to happen. I think the Vedic and horary astrologers could give you the sorts of details you want. Just now Pluto is opposing your 10th house of career cusp (MC) so while this might not be a happy time, career-wise, it is a time when you can make some profound changes in your vocation in life. Pluto's energy is to ask us to kill off anything metaphorically dead or dying in our lives, so that new growth can take its place. This would be equally true for your home life, incidentally. Although you may not wish to move, if you do so, you may find that it was a positive step, in hindsight. Keep an eye on your progressed moon, as it approaches your progressed Uranus. This would be a good time to look for work with a large company specializing in IT, electronics, something scientific, or futuristic.
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