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Re: I Just Want What's Fair

I've attached a secondary progression that may help to understand things better. I hope it's readable. Let me know.

Thank you for your response, Waybread. It is good to hear from you as always. Shortly after I fell, I hobbled over to the Legal Aid Society and spoke to a wonderful attorney who told me how to proceed with this case. I followed his instructions to the letter. He told me how to calculate pain and suffering fees, etc.

I live in a mobile home park. The owners own several of them. The managers here manage them all. They are underhanded and ruthless. I am not far from Los Angeles and I am surprised someone has not tried to hurt them.

It says in my lease they can evict us without cause. I submitted my claim to them and I sent copies to the Mayor, to the California Mobile Home Association, to the Fair Housing Authority, to the Legal Aid Society, and to Political Activist Michael Moore. They knew the copies were being sent. I wanted to send a clear message that said "If you try to ***** with me, you'll be in for a hell of fight." That's the Aries in me.

About the employment question: I have not been working. I've just been looking for work. Do you see me getting a job anytime soon? I have an income already. It's just not very much.

My foot is healing. It's not back to what it use to be but I think it will get there. At least I'm walking well again.

Thanks much!

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