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Re: I Just Want What's Fair

I hope you feel better soon!

I don't do much predictive astrology, but you might post your questions in yes-or-no format on one of the horary boards. (Such as, "Will I win my lawsuit?" "Will I return to work soon?")

I hope you are getting some legal advice on this matter. If money is an issue, see if there is a Legal Aid Society or law firm doing pro bono work in your area.

If the answer is no on both counts, do as much reading as you can, notably the fine print on landlord's obligations to keep their property in a safe condition. There probably is an ombudsperson or consumer complaints advocate in your state. A law library in your area will have a reference desk, and if you get a nice librarian on a good day, s/he can probably show you were to look. Maybe you and the other tenant could band together.

Most states will require the landlord to keep up the property in good condition so that the stairs are not a safety hazard. So will building codes. The other tenant could probably only be liable if her lease agreement said that she was entirely responsible for the property's upkeep-- including reparing essential structures, not just cleaning the carpets or something.

If your state has some solid tenants' rights in place, I don't think the landlords can simply evict someone without cause. It would take them some legal work to do so, even if they could. But states vary widely on tenants' rights.

If you could post your chart with transits in place for your major or average date in question it would help to visualize things.

But basically I see transiting Uranus in your 7th house of "open enemies". This is the planet of sudden change, including sudden accidents. It has been hitting your major chart angles, as has transiting Pluto. Pluto in fact is sitting on your IC, or cusp of your 4th house of "home".

So it isn't surprising that you encountered a sudden upset dealing with your living environment (I assume you and the other woman are in the same building? or apartment complex?

In October, the sun spends a lot of time in Libra. The times I would suggest that you watch out for are right around your Libra Neptune-sun opposition, at 24 degrees. Saturn, at the beginning of your second house of money, may not bring a heap of wonderfulness, either.

But look at your terrific kite, pointing to Jupiter in the 9th house-- which rules "the law" as a body of knowledge, vs. litigation. Your Jupiter is located in information-gathering Gemini. Knowledge is power, so see what you can do to arm yourself with information relevant to your case.

Also, I don't know if your employer offers sick leave or LTD but these are worth getting on, if so, and you haven't done this already.
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