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Originally Posted by brookeashley View Post
Regarding pluto squaring my sun, I do get down/depressed a little easier than most. I'm over analytical of myself. Could you clarify on how to focus this into a positive pursuit?
That over-analyticalness is all Saturn. Self criticism is healthy as long as you don't let Saturn stifle you. I'm more concerned with Saturn opposite mercury. Especially with Virgo rising, you might rewrite a lot or throw out things you've done. Are you a perfectionist?

Pluto is at the center of a t-square between your sun and Saturn. You may find yourself in a cycle. Saturn criticizes your sun (self) your sun runs and hides in the shadows (Pluto), Pluto grows stronger from the suns energy and feeds Saturn, giving him more energy to criticize you.

If this is the case, you need to break that cycle. Jupiter is semisextile your sun. Don't quote me on this, but I believe planets this distance from the sun are said to thrive from the glow of the sun. You can turn the suns energy towards Jupiter. It's a minor aspect, so this takes effort. Jupiter can then either take the easy trine and go directly to your creativity stellium or, with effort on your part, take the sextile to Pluto. I would try to become comfortable with your Pluto side and accept it. Because once you've done that, you can choose to take the sextile to your stellium and create something profound. At this point you'll need to go back through Saturn to get something done about it. Saturn is receptive to your creativity, due to another semisextile. Next, you can either go directly to mercury and write it down (bad idea, Saturn doesn't like your execution) or you can take that easy trine to mars. This is probably very natural for you. It's easier than the opposition. Saturn will tell mars something needs to be done with these creative thoughts. Mars is sextile mercury so he can send it right over to the printing department. Mercury shouldn't have any trouble getting it out to the world. He's in "look at me" Leo in the 11th house of community. He just needs to ignore Saturns doubts.

Something I just realized that might make all my references to Jupiter harder. Jupiter is in his detriment in Virgo. That Jupiter energy is week. You may need to really work on strengthening him. You can call on help from the moon both in your chart and in transit. Jupiter transits to your sun, Jupiter and Pluto will also help this process.

In a couple years, maybe less, Pluto will become conjunct your moon stellium. This will be open up that channel to Pluto. This is a great time to shed everything that is no longer helpful to you. If you use this time well, you could create something profound. I'm not exaggerating.

The transit will last 5-6 years. I haven't looked it up, I'm just going on memory so you may want to look at it to get exact times. Depending on how comfortable you are with Pluto, this could be a very difficult time or it could be wonderful.

Pluto take about 300 years to travel through the signs. So not everyone gets a Pluto transit. It's a gift.

EDIT: I'm wrong on the Pluto conjunction. It will be exact with your Uranus in a couple years. You are already well into the conjunction. It will last through 2019. That's with a 5 degree orb. You'll probably feel it for the next decade.

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