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Re: A basic chart reading...

Well Brooke, I'm no expert but the first thing I noticed is your midheaven in Gemini. Midheaven would be your career path and Gemini, ruled by mercury, pertains to all things communication (ie writer, journalist, performing arts).

Your Sun and Mercury are opposite Saturn, which probably makes you reserved and cautious. While others with this aspect might be shy, with your Sun at home in Leo, I doubt you are. So that all looks good for communication so far.

Next, I see your Moon conjunct Neptune conjunct Uranus. This is creativity overload. Fortunately, its in responsible Capricorn or else you might not ever get out of bed in the morning. You need to be doing some creative work. Capricorn can really harness this energy and turn it into something tangible.

Then there is Jupiter trining that Moon conjunction. Jupiter does a few things here: (1) it biggers your creativity, (2) it makes you want to make the world a better place and (3) it makes you lucky.

Next we have Mars trine Saturn in Gemini. Again your drive (Mars) is to communicate (Gemini). That trine from Saturn focuses this energy. If Mars is the warrior, Saturn is the general. You are definitely a doer. Saturn doesn't cut you much slack anywhere in your chart.

Even Pluto fits well with this. I don't know if you have ever had a problem with depression. With Pluto squaring your Sun, you may feel as though you have a storm cloud following you. I have Pluto in Scorpio square Moon, Mercury and Venus. I can tell you personally that Pluto has a lot of raw energy that can be focused into positive pursuits. Pluto is malific because it is unrestained. Its like a nuclear energy. You can drop it like a bomb and destroy everything or you can harness it like your own personal power plant. This gives you the depth, energy and probably baggage to be an artist.

So all this looks good for writing, acting, art of any sort. However, your north node is conjunct your 4th house cusp. This would indicate that your destiny is in matters of the home, family or children. This makes the midheaven conjunct your south node. I heard someone describe the south node as your past life. Although you may not believe in that, its a good analogy. The south node is shadow material, baggage, fear and your repressed self.

My opinion is that you should try working from home or in a comfortable setting and you would do very well as a fantasy writer. Maybe children's stories?

But before you quite your job or drop out of college, get a second opinion, because I am not aprofessional.
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