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Re: How does he feel for her now?

Originally Posted by scahm View Post
Thank you, ElenaJ. Do you think the Mercury/Jupiter square indicates that any coming together will result in conflict? I assume he will approach her as the fasting moving planet?

Not that the coming together will result in conflict, but the coming together will not be completely smooth.
He mercury is in the Terms of Jupiter, so favouring her, but she doesn't easily return this. Jupiter has just turned direct, so is taking up where it was before but having absorbed something from the retrograde introspective period, and in effect moving away from mercury, who persues and will catch up to Jupiter.
Meanwhile moon moves towards him, mercury. So it could be either one of them making the first move towards reconciliation.
There could be disagreements between them about the way they view general values of life, they don't see eye to eye, and maybe not agreeing about money matters.
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