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How does he feel for her now?

Hi everyone,

A friend asked me to create a horary chart on her behalf (I am therefore not within the chart, querent is Asc) asking about how an ex feels towards her, now that they've been separated for a while. Their breakup was messy, so they haven't remained friends, but they do occasionally check in with one another. I think the chart shows that he no longer has feelings for her but I've noticed that the chart shows an applying square between them. I was therefore wondering if anyone would be able to help me pinpoint what this conflict may be about, please?

Querent is Jupiter, having just gone direct (which is apt, she was feeling terrible over the breakup but now feels like she is starting to move on), in her house of self worth, whilst he is Mercury, conjunct the MC - does this in itself indicate anything?

I see that he has separated from an opposition to Chiron in her 3rd house of communications, so perhaps he was hurt by something she said. He will eventually oppose Mars, ruling the end of the matter - does this indicate that he will be the one to finally close the chapter between the both of them?

Many thanks for your help.
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