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Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
Libra rising - fertile
5th house - Aquarius - Not fertile
8th house - Taurus - fertile
11th house - Leo - not fertile
Asc ruler - Venus in Gemini - not fertile
5th ruler - Saturn in Capricorn but in azimene degree = not fertile
Lot of Conception at 0 Cancer and in a bright degree = highly fertile
Lord of LOC - moon in Pisces - highly fertile

Would this be your 2nd child?

You venus are in 5th from 5th and flow towards the LOC, 5th from 5th ruler Mercury retrogrades back towards the LOC too.

Im leaning more towards a yes, but it's not a 100% yes.
This would be my first pregnancy but the second time I think it might be. Why?

Oh wow this is scary. Not clear?
Thank you for taking the time!

Anyone else sees more a yes or a no? I'm so nervous

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