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Re: How will be our meeting ?

Mars is mars, even sugar coated.
Not as aggressive as in Aries, to name one, or scorpio. But it is still aggressive, and receiving a square from sun.
At any rate, it's just something to keep in mind, not to run away from.
Actually, Mars is not completely Mars = hot, dry and aggressive and warrior like in Pisces, where it is therefore strong through triplicity and also why Mars is strong through nocturnal rulership - when it is cool and moist (the exact opp. of how Mars is = hot and dry). The intense heat and dryness of Mars, when in excess, makes its energy destructive. The coolness of the night and water signs tempers it a bit, so in Pisces, Mars is 'watered' down by the gentle nature Pisces and its energy takes to enforcing the empathy and spirituality of Pisces. On the downside, it can make Pisces more manipulative and delusional.

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