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Re: since time immemorial MERCURY is the ruler of astrology and astrologers

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Rulership is a nuanced term
indicating dominion over, disposition of, representation of sometimes a simple index.
This thread is on our traditional board
Traditionally RULERSHIP is described as follows
'... a planet or significator is in his own house
represents a man in such a condition,
as that he is Lord of his own house, estate and fortune;
or a man wanting very little of the Goods of this world,
or it tells you that the man is in a very happy state or condition...'
William Lilly, Christian Astrology
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Some examples:
There is "natural rulership". In the natural horoscope, with Aries rising, Taurus (Venus ruled) occupies the 2nd house of money (liquid assets),
so Venus is natural ruler of money and rules "money" in any and every chart.
The real reasons for her natural rulership of money lie deeper than I have described,
within the inherent qualities and powers of the planet.
that's modernist astrology

we have the THEMA MUNDI
with Cancer rising


planets have multiple significations
the traditional significations of planets as associated with "money" are highlighted
those beginners interested can find

petosiris complete significations guide for each planet
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Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part II - Seven Stars

Saturn completes 2 sidereal cycles and 57 synodic cycles with 59 years.
It has retreating arcs of 7 degrees for 140 days.
Saturn is cooling and moderately drying, malefic, masculine and diurnal.
Saturn controls obstacles in business, tax collectors, administration of that which belongs to others.

Jupiter completes 6 sidereal cycles and 65 synodic cycles with 71 years.
It has retreating arcs of 10 degrees for 120 days.
Jupiter is heating and moderately moistening, benefic, masculine and diurnal.
'...Jupiter controls prosperity, payments, large gifts, abundance of profits, inheritances, the livelihood of the father, entrustments, treasures, stewardship....'

Mars completes 42 sidereal cycles and 37 synodic cycles with 79 years.
It has retreating arcs of 16 degrees for 72 days.
'...Mars controls robbery, the loss of property, violent theft, banditry, plundering...'

Sun completes sidereal cycles with 365.25636 days and anomalistic cycles with 365.25963 days.
'.....Sun controls loftiness of fortune, providence, gold....'

Venus completes 8 sidereal cycles and 5 synodic cycles with 8 years.
It has retreating arcs of 15 degrees for 40 days.
Venus is moistening and moderately heating, benefic, feminine and nocturnal.
'.....Venus controls wearing of golden crowns and ornaments, acquisition of additional property, buying maidens and ornaments, working with gold and precious stones, trades and shops, giving and receiving, the livelihood of the mother.....'

Mercury completes 46 sidereal cycles and 145 synodic cycles with 46 years.
It has retreating arcs of 12 degrees for 20 days.Mercury is alternating between moistening and drying, and common.
'...Mercury controls profit, testing coins, marketing, banking, gamblers, luxury, renting...'

Moon completes sidereal cycles with 27.32166 days and anomalistic cycles with 27.55454 days.
Ascending Node completes retreating sidereal cycles with 18.61295 years.
'....Moon controls the household, affluence, fortune, housekeeping, gains and expenditures....'

Robbins, F. E. (1940). Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos. William Heinmann, London. Retrieved from
Valens, V. Anthologia. Translated by Mark Riley. Retrieved from
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