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Originally Posted by katydid View Post
It will be easy as in her ex will gain custody?

I am wondering because of her Saturn in your 4th. It does not sound as if she is in a good position to raise her child, with no support from her family.

But it will be emotionally difficult to not have him around as well. I worry that it will be a emotional drain for her to try and manage the situation.
No it will be easy for her to gain custody. Her ex isn't exactly the brightest and already made many mistakes that would keep him from gaining custody.

I've been helping her manage, got her meditating and stuff too. I plan on helping her get her kid and honestly it's looking very possible I may be the one to support her. Already we've gotten closer than either of us have been to anyone.

Also she suffers from multiple personality disorder. I tried reading her chart to find the cause but was unsure. What aspects would do such a thing?
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