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Originally Posted by sadge View Post
I'd say it's a good idea to follow your instinct on this one. The synastry backs up your intuition.

There are a couple of aspects indicating that you crossed paths in a way that both of you will be able to learn from your brief encounter or relationship. On one level, her presence is activating a lesson in you to think more rationally in how you move forward in the world. It is also clear that she finds you to be attractive. HOWEVER...these minor positives are completely washed away by many challenging cross-aspects between the two of you. Flat out painful ones too. Her chiron opposes your tight sun/mars/saturn and her mercury (your dc ruler) squares all of that too. On top of this, it is bound to be an emotionally charged and explosive connection if you give it enough time to fester (moon). Her Saturn in your 4H is not ideal either, as that is not an area of life where you want to park that taskmaster planet in an interpersonal relationship.

This one is easy. Move on. It gets way better than this.

One more thing: as an individual, you are pretty emotionally intense and controlling in terms of how you approach the world. So moving forward, perhaps take the time to consider the role that you play in your relationships as well. And in regards to this girl, take it easy on her. The synastry shows that the break will be more painful for her than you.

Also Saturn in 4th house, she has a child a month old, so wouldn't that be an expected placement in such relationships?
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