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Re: Sagittarius, moon in scorpio

yeah i have wanted to be a cop in the past, but I didn't like the restrictions on my freedom. In Canada at least, in order to become a detective you have to join the RCMP and they send you off somewhere remote for the first couple of years, plus you have to be a cop 100% of the time. There is really no time for yourself in that position.

right now I'm trying to get into sales. start at a car dealership, or some other place where the commission is good. I think It's something I would be well suited to. The ability to read people is something very valuable in this line of work. I am also taking a real estate course, and that is something very legal heavy and suited to my keen research abilities.

Now this is getting interesting. I'm going to plug in my parents birth data, maybe I can get some insights on that.

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