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Re: Sagittarius, moon in scorpio

I have Moon in Scorpio with Cancer ascendant, and Pluto on my IC. I also get that thing where I walk into a room and can tell I've been talked about. Or someone will say something and I'll know exactly why they said it. I find myself being careful as a result as I can trace my own motivations that are the root of what I say - for example if I'm with someone and I'm getting a little bored and my mind starts to think about what I want to do afterwards, I might get the impulse to talk ask them what they're doing later. But I'll stop myself because that would feel rude because of the motivation behind it - I think most people have a sixth sense about this level of communication to some extent, but Scorpio types I guess would have more of it.

I have Mercury in the 8th house sesquiquadrate Pluto too, and Mercury square Saturn, whaich adds to the censoring of speech I think. I don't dislike this part of my chart at all, but I wonder what it would be like to have a less subterranean Moon and Mercury with which to connect with others.
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