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Re: Sagittarius, moon in scorpio

you see i'm one that sees inconsistencies in what's NOT said. I'm very aware that often times what someone says (or even believes of themselves) and the actions they take, can be two very different things.

It's something I am fully capable of dealing with, and moving past from, and at the end of the day I remain positive and focused. But I have not always been that way. I think up until very recently I had been in a dark place where I get locked up inside and withdraw for long periods of time and miss out on a lot of opportunities. I read something very interesting at that struck me today:

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End of January 2011 until beginning of December 2012: This influence signifies a period of very deep inward transformation that will be reflected in changed ideals, goals and many other aspects of your world view. You may also work harder than ever to bring about in reality an ideal that you have held for years. However, you will have to give up a great deal to accomplish this, and you will not receive much ego-reinforcement at the time, even if you are successful.

You will find it necessary to question very deeply many beliefs you have held...
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I think this is it EXACTLY what I am going through at this time. I am becoming much more myself, and understanding things about, and trusting myself a little more. I don't see myself as the same person from 6 months ago that's for sure! I know at the end of it all I will emerge a much more centred individual. The difficult part is know what sort of individuals I should become closer to, and what to look for.

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