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Re: Sagittarius, moon in scorpio

Originally Posted by miquar View Post
Hi this interests me as someone with Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio. I can relate to what you say about intuition, paranoia and trust.

Its interesting that you have Moon Mars and Pluto, all planets concerned with survival in one way or another (and Mars is the natural ruler of the ascendant too) in Scorpio, which means that these points have heightened awareness of the threat of being destroyed (as well as the promise of transformation and self-determination).

Then you have the much more socialised/cultured energies of Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius, which imbues these planets with a vision of a benevolent cosmos in which we can aspire to align our lives with higher realms. (Saturn is defensive and concerned with survival, but reacts mainly by establishing itself within society.) There's tension in that stellium too, but the planets also have things in common.

So that's quite an extreme split in some ways. Sagittarius is prone to splitting off from that which spoils its vision, so its good that you're in touch with your feelings. But it sounds like you could benefit from getting more in touch with them, and this could involve gradually opening up more to intimacy with carefully chosen others.

The smoke-screen tendencies of Scorpio combined with the strong Saturn and Uranus could make you want to be 'an island'. Chiron in the 8th (because it so close to the cusp) can also fear intimacy, and it opposes your stellium. In a way this echoes the different sides of your nature discussed above, because Chiron is aware of the chaotic and cruel nature of life, as is Pluto/Scorpio.

The split could be reflected in your parents and the relationship/lack of relationship they had with one another. Speculating here, but your father was perhaps a wanderer (in mind if not in body), and somewhat detached and philosophical. While your Mother was perhaps more expressive of her feelings and so more easily hurt, and also more down to earth and better at organising the mundane world (because of the Virgo MC and Venus in Capricorn).

By the way is that a rectified birth time. If so, what was the original information you were given about the time, if any, by relatives?
I never met my real father, my step father who I've known since 4 is a taurus, and my faternal mother is aries. Your description here resonates a LOT and helps me understand things. Suffice to say they often do not get along, and have heated arguments. I think that gives me a certain amount of wariness in other relationships.

I think the problem is that I never know WHEN to trust the intuition I have. Sometimes I think it's spot on. For instance with friends I just have this sense that I know exactly what's going on with them, even though I am not present. It's like that feeling you get when you walk in the room and you can tell if you were the subject of conversation. And being able to predict behaviours and there outcomes. I am always surprised how right I can be. (anecdote; I predicted almost the exact results of the CDN federal election the day before, going against what many others predicted happening)

I think you are right about choosing carefully who I open up to, and I'm going to try doing more of that. It's just sometimes I can be very very cynical of people deep down. But I also desperately want to my cynicism proven wrong. I don't want to walk down the path of thinking negatively about people (even though it doesn't boil to the surface). I guess it also comes from the fact that I fear being proven right about that too.

yeah my life is full of catch-22's.
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