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Re: Beginning to Study Astrology

Frank, wonderful start and explanations. It should be noted that at the top of 'every forum' are sticky's for people to investigate what that forum is all about, before diving in with both feet.

When I teach astrology I start with sun in signs, in houses, moon in signs, in houses, mercury in signs/houses. That way they eventually 'rectify' their own chart. Again I teach Equal house system and most people come to astrology via and the default ‘house system’ used is Placidus and think that’s just the norm and all that there is……..BUT that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can change the default on in Extended Chart selection to Equal house and a few more

Basic astrology
Now basically your sun sign is your 'core beliefs, values, ego' and Asc is your physical body, mode of expression and mask and persona that we all wear and hide behind, but definitely not what's going on underneath. What's going on underneath is your Sun sign. Moon sign, house placements and aspects describe your emotional and intuitive responses, also describes your view of your mother, as saturn describes your father by sign and house position.

So, think of a glass milk bottle the bottle is your Asc and your sun the milk, but the milk still has to 'come out' through the glass neck of the milk bottle....

Now aspects within a natal chart represent 'facets' of our personality, because we are all multifaceted beings. What these do is 'break down and compartmentalise' these facets into smaller bite size chunks. This does take quite a lot of self analysis and objectivity to 'see yourself' and why you do certain things and behave in certain ways. Actually it can be quite good therapy...

I actually use lots of simple analogies like:-
Your natal chart is like a photograph as unique as your fingerprint, BUT the 10planets in the sky have not stayed where they were in your natal chart, they have all moved. Predictive astrology is mostly maths where those 10planets are now and the mathematical aspects they make to your natal charts ie: 180'=opposition, 90'=square, 60'=sextile and 120'=trine.

So your personality, grows, develops, changes, matures as we get older, this is reflected by your sun sign changing from it's natal position to the next sign along, so does your Asc and MC sign change. In fact from sun to mars espec are important, as the outer planets really don't move much, using a 'day for a year' secondary progressions.

Houses: angular houses 1/7 4/10 the energies of planets placed here are obvious cos it's your 'shop window' visible for everyone to see. Next the succeedent houses 2/8 & 5/11 the energies in these houses are not in shop window the are in the shop, but stood behind the counter, ready to come out when needed. Lastly, cadent houses 6/12 & 3/9 these houses/planets are not in shop window or stood behind the counter, they are in the back storeroom and only come out when 'triggered' or an emergency and much harder to recognise and access...

The houses are like the backdrop of a stage, the setting if you like, the planets are like actors and the aspects are how the planets behave in that settings/stage....

MC is our professional image and how we want to be perceived in society, career/workwise, what we are/become known for which is different from Asc or sun sign

I have Saggi MC and can behave like extrovert sagg, teach, have interests in 9th house matters, religion, law, philosophy, always enjoy learning new things. But that's not the real me either, the real me is the 'sun sign' think of the glass milk bottle analogy again, the milk still has to 'come out' through the glass neck. The bottle being the Asc sign and most visible to other.

Plus the Asc sign is the chemistry, lust and attraction factor when boy meets girl, it's what gets a relationship going. BUT have you never heard (even from your school days) that after a few weeks or months, that mask and persona has to drop and you have to get to know the person underneath and that's totally different to the image we 'project' outwards.

It's important for newbies not to 'overload' with information. Like any form of studying it's best done in 'small chunks' buy a few goods books. We have great 'Recommendations forum' here as well as Educ Forum.

Amongst other things, astrology is a wonderful tool for understanding yourself and others better.....enabling us to make better choices in life as we become aware of how our behaviour influences what happens to us through the law of cause and effect. Astrology does not reliably predict the future.......But it can provide an excellent insight into the psychological make-up of people, enabling us to accurately predict their behaviour and it's resultant effects

If you intend to learn about astrology, you will need to begin with a natal chart, it need not necessarily be your own, but many choose to begin this way, in an effort to better understand their own life journey, and purpose. Astrological natal charts are as individual as a persons ‘fingerprints’ depending on where (latitude & longitude) and time of birth.It is important to get your *time of your birth* as this is the most important information.

When a Sun is conjunct any of the outer weight planets it automatically becomes an honorary Saturian, Uranian, Neptunian and Plutonian, cos their influence seems to overshadow the 'light' and sun's energies...

Also using solar arcs to me is very basic stuff and encourages learners to have a little go at rectifying thier chart but predictive simple stuff to.

Astrology is not about sitting home on the couch eating nachos and waiting for the planets to make good things happen in your life. It is always your responsibility to work towards making your own dreams come true. Horoscopes simply help you to schedule your actions for the best possible outcome

There has been some interesting threads of late regarding 'cookbooks' and learning astrology...
Freewill of clients

Learning astrology via ‘cookbooks’

Perhaps you should read this thread entitled: astrology predicts meanings, not events
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10Do’s and Don’ts with astrology by Rahu

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