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Composite Mars square Pluto + composite stellium


I want some feedback on a young couple's composite chart.

The male's birth-time is unknown.

In the couple's composite chart, there is a "love stellium" of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon in Aries. The Moon stays in the stellium regardless of the time of birth (on that date of birth).

Depending on male's time of birth (only thing known with certainty is that he was born after 6 am. His date of birth is definitely known with certainty): I am posting the natal charts and composite, drawn with 6 am as the male's time of birth.

Moon conjunct Sun: ranging from a 6 degree orb to an exact conjunction with Sun,

Depending on time of birth (from 6 am to 11:59 pm on his dob), the following are seen:


Moon conjunct Mercury: ranging from a 2 degree orb to exact conjunction

Moon conjunct Venus: ranging from 7 degree to a 1 degree orb

Mercury conjuncts Sun: 5 degree orb.

Mercury conjunct Venus: 6 degree orb.


Mars square Pluto: 1 degree orb.


Saturn opposite Pluto: 10 degree orb.


That tight Mars & Pluto square, and the wide opposition of Saturn & Pluto disturbs me deeply. Given this info, could there be any potential for violence in this relationship?

Thanks for any feedback you may have for me. Much appreciated!
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