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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?


Rivalry is something you're dealing with as part of your life's journey. The seventh house isn't just romantic relationships and partners, it's also rivals and open enemies. With your north node in the seventh house, seventh house issues are big in your life. Including rivalry. With Mars and Venus there, the rivalry part is very clear. We could also read this as a past life/future life story: in the past life, rivals did you in (Venus and Mars in the seventh in opposition to your south node--in the past life interpretation of the nodes, the south node is you in the past life, and anything in opposition or square to it is who or what worked against you). This time around, you're also dealing with rivals. Doesn't necessarily mean they'll do you in--you have a chance for a better outcome this time--but it is something that turns up as a life theme.
hmmm maybe there is something about this.
when i get older i become more suspicious ( aware) of people's actions? its because i do not trust 100% everyone. even my work, project , studies friends.
about doing in, yes, before when i was too naive and a good person, for example i was DID IN - usually when it comes to love affairs or love matters.

when i am control of something - work, studies, something that i can be responsible for - i can do it because i know noone disturbs me.
when it come sto people ( i think its my weakness) i can not have a control. i cant make people do what i want. because everyone is an indvidual unit.
but before when i was nice and i was giving free hand even to my close friends a lot of them turned something against me.

By "this guy," do you mean your Virgo friend, or your ex boyfriend?
ex, boyfriend. Virgo is another one i was describing here in the 1st post.
ex is ex i mentioned here in Taurus woman story.

Depends on what you want, and what they want. Would being friends with them mean being just friends? Or would it mean rekindling the romantic relationship? If you have any kind of relationship with them now, do you want it to be just friends, or do you want it to be romantic? And, since your Virgo friend is apparently very much on your mind, where does he fit in? As a friend? As a boyfriend, or potential boyfriend? With that in mind, what are you free to give your exes, in terms of friendship or anything else?

Do you have any other worries about being friends with your exes, besides those possible complications?
even when something doesnt work , now when i am 28 my perspective changed a bit. i can have a second chance with someone because i know people change and do a lot of stuff.
before i have been very strict , only 1:0. even my friends have been surprised that i was so strict when it comes to love matters.

when someone did something bad to me i was cutting him/her out.

then i regret.
it was because of me being unsure of what i wanted. i didnt like diplomacy and talking. for me it was black white. - you dont want me? you will never get me and i can flirt with your best friend-

for me it was not a problem. but it was because of my inner problem that i couldnt say what i wanted to people. with men my age or even a bit older the problem is i now see they usually get matured later.
that is why my female friends friendzoned male friends to the point that they fell in love with them. and female friends picked up older men.

i have never understood that because i wanted to have a relatonship with someone my age. i didnt know why my female fridns friendzone men very much. i didnt see the purpose except the attention seeking.

and for me having older men was weird because i was not mentally prepared as well as i didnt want someone older.

i just hate other women sticking noses to other's business.
i do not tell people anything now- i only tell my sister and one good friend.
sometimes i tell noone and then i dont make anyone responsible for my choices only me. when it fails it means i failed and i need to improve.

i have always been maybe a bit more shy and timid than my other girl friends. during my university time i was a very individual unit and i did what i wanted. i was attracting a lot of popular people . now i think it was because i was doing my own thing didnt care what others might say.
then they were introducing me to their companies ( Taurus woman, Capricorn woman). i was there. i was normal. people liked me because of my charisma.
those women started to being a rival with me. emotionally. when i was friends with their friends for them it was bad because i must have told them first like ask for permission. you know what i mean. i described that before.

in one group - of this taurus woman. i was weak because i liked people but she manipulated me and others as well.

with capricorn woman i am older and it was after the taurus woman experience. so i could learn how to behave and not to tell everything and etc.

i was always open and in high school when i was inviting people for me it was normal that i invite for a meeting but people integrate and even they make couples. i didnt care. because i had eyes on other men. and i didnt care if my male friends flirted with my other women friends.

but for capricorn and taurus woman i was a rival. a rival who was a leader as well and people liked me.

now when i cut the contact to the maximum with taurus and cut in 50% with capricorn ( i am nice but i do what i want and i dont gossip around) i feel more free.

Your chart is thoroughly the chart of a leader. Archetypally, you are a warrior (Aries sun) with the soul of a wise hermit (Capricorn moon) meeting the world, and others, as a queen (Leo rising). People are going to gravitate to you as a leader, whether you know it or not, and whether they know it or not.
its been like that.
You're already getting yourself more grounded and stable. You're committed to a career path. You're considering a relationship with someone who has already been your friend for years and who also, according to his chart, needs and wants grounding and stability. And, you're coming into your Saturn return. Saturn is all about stability and commitment. If you want to be more stable and committed than you were previously, Saturn making a major transit, like its return, is very good energy for making that happen. You're already feeling more grounded and stable.

At your age, you will have just had, or be currently having, your progressed lunar return. The progressed moon cycle happens on about the same schedule as the Saturn cycle, although the exact lunar return happens a year or two before the exact Saturn return. Since you have your moon with Saturn, progressed lunar return brings a Saturn-like quality and focus to your life. Stability and commitment again.

Since it's happening already, and it's what you want, of course it's going to continue to happen.
thank you for those words. i really liek reading your posts. it helps me some way . i feel more grounded and even 'wise'? i dont know if you could understand. like i could be a teacher for some younger people. but i dont want to for now. of course.

before i was so weak i couldnt make my own opinion. in the last 2-3 years my opinions have been grounded and i can make it and i become more assertive.

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