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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
actually i felt kind of resistant to my sexuality since i remember - even in high school. men were just pulling back to me.

the same happened 3 years ago with the man i described.

people think that i wait until marriage- or i just sek for a husband material and i am a good girl.

i had some inner blockage i think that closed in 2017.
even the last man that i had - it was in 2015 ( 3 years ago...) pulled away ( i think because of my vibrations) and then came back in some months to check.

i was/i am inexperienced and i am ashamed of it. its because of that.

i have always been maybe bigger and i didnt like my body.

my parents have never told me to excercise or even they didnt enroll me on some sport courses. i was always alone at home going out only with my sister or parents untill I FOUND OUT i needed to change it.
So, there's a lot to unpack here. Lots and lots of women, throughout the world, are uncomfortable with their bodies and their sexuality because of all the messages: don't be too tall, too fat, too strong, too sexual, too prudish, etc. With sexuality, you really can't win: if you have sex, or just plain radiate sexuality, you're a slut. If, for whatever reason, you don't want to have sex, or aren't someone who puts sexuality out there as part of her persona, you're a prude.

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
in poland its normal to live with parents.
its because of taxes and the amount of money you earn that is not compatibile with the expenses.

of course i cant make excauses because i dont make a lot of money now ( since 8 months ihave been unepmployed) . i have started to seeek a job in architecture now even when i am not graduated.

i thought i would rest after my period in spain but i see i need to do a lot of stuff because my life just flows away.

i did 2 film projects ( i make set design for student film projects as an architecture student) i do my diploma but i do not earn money normally . i know people make money by being freelance but i somehow understood that i am not a freelance person.

living with parents maybe holds me back but my parents are very open and normal.
they do not make 'banning' or forbide me do anything.

but its like i feel like in high school.
Sounds like moving out isn't an option just yet. And even if you did move out, would you still live in the same city as your parents? Either way, they'll be part of your life. So, the trick is to have boundaries with them while still maintaining the relationship. Which is always a tricky balancing act, renegotiating your relationship with your parents as their adult child instead of their child child.

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
every relation with men was analysed by me and my mum. i make the same pattern as my mum with her romantic lives. she had the same problems as me. i wanna cut the pattern but actually i dont know why.

i make the same mistakes.

but i regret she never told me much about men and sexual stuff like it would be tabu. i needed to know it myself or with my girl friends. that was weird.
So, you're living out the part of your mother's life that she couldn't resolve. Quite typical, from one generation to the next. What's not so typical is that you know that's what's going on. More often, people don't even know that.

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
i wanna have fun and i wanna attract people my age. whenever i start doing it something is disturbed. someone always disturbs me as it have been before.
Taurus woman Twice before, Capricorn woman even more before.

my ex best friendm taurus woman she told me after some drinks ( when we were still friends, now we are strangers, i cut the contact fast) that she didnt like my behaviour when i was younger because i was spontanious and funny.

it was her to have problems in life and she ( in her mind) wanted me to have bad life.

she was always outgoing and she was meeting and introducing me with her friends. but even having her boyfriend she was jealous of me getting attention from her friends.
i realised that in 2016 and cut the contact very fast.
we met in 2008 in high school. when i started dating some IT guy from her IT class. of course when i appeared in her environment she must have started being my best friend.

( to get to know the rival) and knowing my insecurities she was playing with me.
i didnt relaise that.
Rivalry is something you're dealing with as part of your life's journey. The seventh house isn't just romantic relationships and partners, it's also rivals and open enemies. With your north node in the seventh house, seventh house issues are big in your life. Including rivalry. With Mars and Venus there, the rivalry part is very clear. We could also read this as a past life/future life story: in the past life, rivals did you in (Venus and Mars in the seventh in opposition to your south node--in the past life interpretation of the nodes, the south node is you in the past life, and anything in opposition or square to it is who or what worked against you). This time around, you're also dealing with rivals. Doesn't necessarily mean they'll do you in--you have a chance for a better outcome this time--but it is something that turns up as a life theme.

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
what if i know that this taurus woman was sticking her nose in my relation and have been jealous of me and this guy? what if now i know that she gossiped of me to him and it changed his mind?
By "this guy," do you mean your Virgo friend, or your ex boyfriend?

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
so now, when i have an eye on this Virgo man, i started also meeting my ex or -wanna-be boyfriends- from the past.

and i am not sure if i should be friends with them or not.
Depends on what you want, and what they want. Would being friends with them mean being just friends? Or would it mean rekindling the romantic relationship? If you have any kind of relationship with them now, do you want it to be just friends, or do you want it to be romantic? And, since your Virgo friend is apparently very much on your mind, where does he fit in? As a friend? As a boyfriend, or potential boyfriend? With that in mind, what are you free to give your exes, in terms of friendship or anything else?

Do you have any other worries about being friends with your exes, besides those possible complications?

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
people were 'gliding over my back' ( ? in poland we have the saying that you do a lot and people follow you being even better because you as a leader are tired with no strenght to go further- but they have strenght and go over you).
Your chart is thoroughly the chart of a leader. Archetypally, you are a warrior (Aries sun) with the soul of a wise hermit (Capricorn moon) meeting the world, and others, as a queen (Leo rising). People are going to gravitate to you as a leader, whether you know it or not, and whether they know it or not.

The dominant modalities in your chart also show that you are a leader, in the sense that you inspire people to change and do new things, but without changing yourself. Your chart is cardinal dominant (seven planets plus your MC in cardinal signs) with a bit of fixed (three planets plus your AC) but no mutable. Fixed signs stay the course, hold steady, and don't change or adapt well to being changed. Cardinal signs cause change by being present--a person with lots of cardinal energy will result in change happening around them, just by their very presence, even if they're not consciously trying to cause change, but they themselves do not change. Mutable signs like change, adapt to it well, and are all about changing themselves. With no mutable energy in your chart, you probably don't have any particular desire to change yourself--at least, not if you feel secure with who you are--but with so much cardinal energy, you cause change.

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
so maybe i will as one more question_ do you think that now since 2017 i will be more grounded and stable? it was ALL because of me and my problems/ insecurities that i needed to overcome.
You're already getting yourself more grounded and stable. You're committed to a career path. You're considering a relationship with someone who has already been your friend for years and who also, according to his chart, needs and wants grounding and stability. And, you're coming into your Saturn return. Saturn is all about stability and commitment. If you want to be more stable and committed than you were previously, Saturn making a major transit, like its return, is very good energy for making that happen. You're already feeling more grounded and stable.

At your age, you will have just had, or be currently having, your progressed lunar return. The progressed moon cycle happens on about the same schedule as the Saturn cycle, although the exact lunar return happens a year or two before the exact Saturn return. Since you have your moon with Saturn, progressed lunar return brings a Saturn-like quality and focus to your life. Stability and commitment again.

Since it's happening already, and it's what you want, of course it's going to continue to happen.
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