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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?

Originally Posted by StefaniaJW View Post
Definitely a beautiful, refined woman who dresses nicely, has nice skin, quite thin but with muscles. Yet he is probably very emotionally distant (Moon in Capricorn) and looks for a woman who's grounded, practical, precise yet can break through the tough shell he's built around his heart (cause beneath a Capricorn Moon there's always a Cancer core). Preferably a little fierce, he's definitely not a guy who will look for the shy, scared one who spends time in a corner. Be beautiful, fierce (but not firey. Be diplomatic in public and very balanced, at least on the surface), down-to-earth and not shy and especially don't be too mawkish with him. He'll be swept off his feet!
hello im also capricorn moon. but im aries.
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