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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?

Feminine is much broader than you seem to think. Tomboy girls are feminine. Outspoken, blunt women are feminine. It's a different kind from soft, gentle femininity, but still feminine. Being feminine can still involve a very yang personality.

The way you describe yourself, it sounds like your feminine energy is more like a warrior woman. Boudica. Joan of Arc. Katniss Everdeen. Going into mythology, you could consider a goddess like Artemis (Greek) or Freya (Norse) to be your archetype. Powerful women, relate to men as equals, not concerned with being feminine, or not feminine.

Your chart is full of that kind of feminine energy. I think what's really scaring people, though, is the power you radiate from Pluto square Venus. Pluto almost squares your AC, too, it's just a little out of orb. If there's any question about the accuracy of your recorded time of birth, it might actually be a closer square.

Are the people you scare always men? I have Pluto square my AC, and I've had that effect on men sometimes. It was especially noticeable when I was in my late teens to mid twenties. I've run into other women on here who had similar experiences with a Pluto/AC square in their natal charts. The exceptions--men who didn't react that way--were men who were comfortable with feminine power. If they weren't, that's when they would be scared.

It's not insecurity that makes you need to come off as a strong person. That's who you naturally are. Insecurity makes you think you shouldn't be so strong.

When you have that kind of power, all you can do is claim it. If you try to push it away, it just trips you up.

Pluto isn't just square your Venus, it's also square your nodal axis. That means it's something you have to integrate over the course of your life--energy that isn't comfortable for you because of your past life experience with it. If you believe in literal past lives, we could say that Pluto represents what you weren't ready to absorb in your previous lives, or something that hindered or harmed you, or both. We could also regard it, not as a past life story, but as what your ancestors and your culture couldn't face, and you've inherited the task of coming to terms with it.

Your nodes also represent your own journey, over the course of your life, starting with what's comfortable, familiar, but stifling, and ending up with something new that breaks out of the stifling patterns.

South node, where you're starting from, tells us that you're starting with a sense of self (first house) based heavily on social approval (Leo). You've succeeded in gaining that social approval, very, very well: you're popular, without even trying to be. Where you're going--north node--is into being yourself and telling your truth without needing permission from society (Aquarius). That Venus and Mars are both with your north node, tells us that you're integrating masculine and feminine energies. Venus, being right on your north node, has the stronger message, and you're showing it here, by grappling with the idea that you're not feminine enough. It's coming to terms with what femininity means for you, that you're working on.

Venus is femininity, but in Aquarius, she's not soft, meek feminine. She's the kind of feminine that speaks her mind, does what she likes, dresses how she prefers, and doesn't care whether others think that's feminine or masculine or what.

You're also an Aries: warrior energy right there. Mars sextiles your sun and combust Mercury. There's absolutely no way you're not going to be in the world as a warrior type. Maybe your fighting is with words rather than fists, but it's still warrior woman energy.
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