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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?

thank you so much for the answer.
i have been wondering about some issue additionaly.
about me and my energy.
i usually come off as a 'masculine type'. the first impression of me is very energetic, attractive but somehow i scare somepeople.

usually ,in the past i was with 'weaker' type of men.
its not because i am a man- like woman but i need to reset or need some more time to be more feminine.

i have no idea why i am like that . i ve been struggling with that since high school.

i was 'bros' with men i was attracted to but i had an inner fear not to be on their level to date them. and i was usually with cool but niceand weaker types.

since 3 years ( my relationship lol) i try to be more calm, and serious and more feminine.
but its usually very long( the process) because i with my insecurities and fear i need to come off as a strong person ( mentally and phisically) and then people see my change.

how can i be more feminine from the 1st impression?

we need ying yang in our lives- i usually was masculine all the time. and also with my sharp and energectic face features as well as posture.

like an athlete.

what do you think?

thank you.
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